2015 Grizzly Grenache

2015 Grizzly Grenache

2015 Grizzly Grenache

Vineyard and Region Information: Our Estate Vineyard became CCOF Certified Organic in 2012. We believe in organic farming because we believe in respecting the natural ecosystem of a vineyard. We also believe organic fruit leads to healthier indigenous fermentations. We've taken the more challenging (and expensive) farming route with our highest goal in mind: to authentically express the exceptional vineyards our wines come from.

Vintage Notes: Grenache is a notoriously difficult variety to grow and craft into a fine wine. The fruit bleaches in the sun easily, and can set either a very poor crop or one that is overcropped requiring extensive thinning. 2015 was a year in which we had early bud break followed by very cool and damp weather in the Spring during flowering. The result of dramatically reduced crop yields for our Grenache. Where we would sometimes have a large cluster weighing several pounds that might require a 'haircut' to trim it down, we also had the huge stems with only a handful of berries clinging to them. Where we might harvest five tons in a decent year, we only harvested a ton and a half in 2015.

Wine Notes: The 2015 Grizzly Grenache is our third vintage of a 100% Grenache wine from the estate vineyard. Our 2015 Grenache was fermented with a portion whole clusters which helps amplify the aromatic and floral properties of the finished wine. We also for the first time used a 600 liter clay amphorae hand crafted in Italy. We used it both for fermentation and aging of the pressed wine. Several neutral barrels were used for the remaining wine. The end result is a wine with purity of expression.

The 2015 Grizzly Grenache is floral on the nose with rose petals mixed, currants and delicate spice notes. The subtlety is intriguing and left me pondering trying to tease out the various components. Intense and vibrant on the palate with dusty tannins and persistence. This is a wine that no doubt will become more alluring with time in bottle. Grenache is a finicky varietal and often requires substantial bottle age to reveal its most provocative charms. We strongly recommend decanting this wine in its youth, ideally cellaring for 5-10+ years and pairing this wine with roasted chicken or waterfowl.

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