Randie Silverstein Glass

Randie Silverstein Glass

Randie Silverstein Glass

This holiday season, we continue to celebrate makers of all kinds - both winemakers and artists alike. We understand the beauty of craftsmanship, creating locally-driven art and fostering a sense of community, which is why we are bringing BBV’s Makers & Allies: The Artist Features to you. These artists share those same values and bring a special piece of themselves to their work - a core reason we feature their art at Big Basin Vineyards. Join us in sharing this celebration of craftsmanship by supporting local makers this holiday season.

Randie Silverstein is a glass artist living in Santa Cruz, California. She draws inspiration from the shapes and colors of nature and its infinite mystery and beauty. When she discovered glass, it was its spectrum of color, visual texture, the aspect of light and transparency, and ultimately its transformation in the kiln which enchanted her. Transforming residential and commercial spaces, Randie creates fused glass panels, lampshades and discs that hang on the wall or the ceiling and interact with the space they are in to create a sense of mystery and beauty.




Phone: 831-325-5886

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