David Johnson

David grew up in Georgia and wandered to Florida in search of surfing paradise. He and his girlfriend Tayler have specialised in finding property caretaking jobs in beautiful corners of the country. Their last stop prior to California was at a winery in Oregon where they both fell in love with wine. When another caretaking job near Santa Cruz came up (surfing paradise!), they jumped on it and found Big Basin Vineyards. David and Tayler kept things running at the Estate Winery Tasting Room for us for a couple years and when David expressed interest in learning more about wine making, Blake brought him on as a Cellar Rat. David is now an essential part of our winemaking team! If you stop by the winery, he’s hard to miss. He’s the one with the tattoos, long blond surfer hair and a huge grey Mastiff-mix dog named Ray Ray who has the personality of a golden retriever.

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