Temperature Controlled Shipping

Temperature Controlled Shipping Information:
Orders to non-western states will automatically be shipped temperature-controlled. Shipments depart on Thursdays* and transit via refrigerated truck to a local depot. From there they are placed on a local delivery truck for same/next day delivery. These local delivery trucks are not refrigerated. That is not a service that is available and delivery time is typically short enough to not have great concerns about temperature damage. However, there is the option of adding ice packs for this “end mile” delivery stage.

Please note that temperature controlled shipping is not available for California and other western states. Transit time in this area is typically short enough to ensure full protection by adding ice packs.

Temperature Controlled Hubs:
Florida hub: AL,FL,GA,NC,SC
Texas hub: NM,KS,TX
Illinois hub: IL,IN,MI,MN,MO,OH,WI
No temperature controlled option: CA,WA,OR,NV,AZ,CO

*If your order is shipping temperature controlled, it will not depart until the upcoming Thursday. Please make note of this and ensure to allow for sufficient transit time.